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For Teachers: Further Education

Professional Development

Many practicing teachers want to further their knowledge about reading and writing instruction through additional coursework and study. The University of Utah offers these practicing teachers strong and rigorous interdisciplinary study through its masters and doctoral programs in the College of Education. This interdisciplinary study involves taking courses from at least three departments in the College of Education—the Departments of Teaching and Learning, Educational Psychology and Special Education.

The College of Education offers a master’s degree and doctoral program in reading and literacy. The master’s degree consists of 36 hours of intense study about reading and writing processes and instruction. Teachers who are interested in receiving a Level I or Level II reading endorsement are encouraged to obtain the interdisciplinary master’s degree. The M.Ed. degree includes a Level I or Level II endorsement. Or, if teachers already have a reading endorsement, the program allows for a more individualized program of study.

The doctoral program is a new interdisciplinary literacy program that also involves the Departments of Teaching and Learning, Educational Psychology and Special Education. The Ph. D. program is a research-based program designed for full-time students who receive a tuition-free scholarship and research assistanceship to study with faculty members in their areas of interest. The successful candidate is expected to conduct research, write articles and publications and teach in the various departments. The program is a four year program designed to enable successful candidates to obtain research positions in the top-tiered research institutions in the country.

Reading Endorsement/Masters Program Information

Last Updated: 5/24/18