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For Researchers: Articles

The UCRL staff frequently writes articles for publications, reports, etc. Listed below are several of the most recent articles written by the UCRL staff.

  • Cognitive Strategy Instruction (PDF)
  • Lessons from the Reading Reform Field (PDF)
  • Metacognition in Education (PDF)
  • Calibration in Classrooms (PDF)
  • Monitoring and Writing (PDF)
  • The Challenging Role of a Reading Coach, a Cautionary Tale (PDF)
  • An Observation Instrument (PDF)
  • Face Processing in Children with Autism (PDF)
  • The Role of General World Knowledge in Discourse Processing (PDF)
  • The Influences of Context and Knowledge (PDF)
  • Foregrounding Effects During Reading, Revisited (PDF)
  • Teaching High Students to Use Heuristics While Reading Historical Texts (PDF)
  • Reconceptualizing Change in the Cognitive Construction of Knowledge (PDF)
  • Semantic evaluation of syntactic structure: Evidence from eye movements (PDF)
Last Updated: 5/24/18