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Mission Statement

The mission of the UCRL is to provide outreach to the Utah PreK-12 educational community and to conduct research to generate new knowledge and to solve problems facing schools and classrooms today. Specific purposes of the UCRL include:

  • To promote high quality instruction in reading and writing in PreK-12 Utah schools, with special attention to the needs of struggling readers, writers, and English language learners;
  • To promote collaboration among universities, districts and the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) for the purpose of providing high quality professional development to teachers;
  • To educate parents about best practices in literacy instruction based on the most current research in the fields of reading and writing;
  • To promote research on the reading and writing processes to expand the knowledge base in these critical areas of research;
  • To conduct research to answer specific questions about high quality reading and writing instruction and to solve literacy problems facing schools and classrooms.
Last Updated: 5/24/18